The Ugly Truth About Marriage

Ok, be ready.

1. Most of people don’t marry the love of their life. The biggest love usually ends tragic. Why? Because love kills people. Some couple has to face the reality that they can’t be together, and it doesn’t mean their love ends. There are situations that make them impossible to be together. Like religion, distance, culture, family rules, politics, or unfortunately, sometimes it’s merely an unnecessary drama or bad timing. So some people finally end up marry someone they don’t really fall in love with. Pre-wedding photo, marriage songs.. Is as unreal as a fantasy we watch in the movie.

2. Living in a same roof with one person is like wearing the same clothes until you die. You will get bored, sometimes you’re sick of it but can’t runaway from. 
3. Passion decrease significantly. No sex appeal anymore, and men still craving for sleeping with the other woman. Cheating on married couple is like variety of eating. You have food at home but sometimes you just want to eat at restaurant. 
4. Marriage is same like building a company. You learn how to work with someone you hate because you have to. You must deal with it in order to maintain your status and company stability. It’s more practical than romantic relationship.
5. Most guys think marriage means they are being handcuffed. “Life ends”. They don’t see their spouse as their easy-going friends who they would have fun with, while most woman see marriage as their final destination. No more goal to achieve means, stuck. 
6. After married, Most women dedicate her life for family. When child is arrive, woman just a baby sitter, kitchen slave, waiting for husband go home just like a bus stop. Spend most of the time at home reading average magazine which giving a relationship advice goals then eager to overcompensate on man. A recipe that turns out as Disaster.
7. Respect each other’s space and trust your spouse is totally a blunder. Woman has to agree based on commitment to let their husband to hang out or holiday with their friends without his wife. Don’t ask what they do. They go home happily cos they just try a fresh fish on the market.
8. A wife is a doormat. Someone who would eventually accept their husband as they are. While bitches out there are man’s DreamGirl. Not to be naive, we always want what we can’t have. 



I met an asshole
Maybe he is not an asshole
He just act like an asshole
Because he thinks being an asshole is cool
He likes to pick a fight
Think I am scared
Or won’t fight back
He speak bullshit
Think I have no bullets to shoot back
I like his game
You arrogant Kid
You gonna swallow your own shit
He likes to show off
Pretend being humble
He is not
He likes only people who likes him
I don’t like him
But I am sure he will like me
He thinks he is nice
People like him
He pays all the cost to make people like him
And when people doesn’t like him
He put them as his enemy
Let’s start the battle
Until he realize
He is not the center of the world
Then war end
He is good in organize everything
He knows how to manage things he wanted
He feels dominant
I said, I like dominant guy
He is happy
To get approval in his pocket
He is on top of the world
How easy to defeat him
Just a single flattery
You can be in his top list
To be his most favorite person
I told him my dreams
He made it come true
He likes being powerful
He made an effort
With his money
He think his money is kindness
He think he is kind and generous
But that’s all he can do
With his money
He bought his happiness
By making people happy
With his money
He never think
How if he runs out of money
Does people still love him
He needs attention
He gets it
With his money
He says he loves to travel
That’s all he can do with his money
He return home alone
He is thirst with attention
Then he travel again
He brings me in
To make me happy
So he is happy too
His false philosophy
And I fall in love
By the situation
He take me to place i never been
That’s Good
But not as Good as being with him
He think i want to see places
Sit in fancy restaurant
It was special
Because I was with someone
He give everything he could
Except his vulnerability
He is a machine
He works when it should work
Just like a car
Start the engine and it runs
It dies once you shut it down
It won’t chase you just like you chase after him
That’s the thing about relationship with robot
It works by command
Then I sum up everything
When it ends
He is an asshole human being
But he is a super obedient Robot

Why Woman looks Dumb and Man looks like an A**hole

There are a lot of paradox things in this life include how we perceive people by their behavior. In this article, I would specially concern about a dominant traits that differentiate man and woman in general. Yes we all know that everyone is born with different nature, yet as people grow up, there are some particular characters that are constructed by events in the past so each personal will act differently. I am not going to breakdown the whole characteristics of human behavior here, so my descriptions below could be judgemental or even offensive. But let’s mirror to our self and be honest. Probably not all true, yet I am sure we all at least had encounter similar situation or conflict around men and women in any kind of relationship that pretty much intriguing and we say like “Oh that really stupid !”.

So this is the unarguable fact. Man and Woman, Male and Female are two opposite creatures with a specific feature and attribute therefore, they both are meant to complete each other. Good or Bad, Man’s behavior is 90% driven by EGO (Logic), on the other hand, Woman tend to use their Emotion (Feeling). This pretty much describe how man and woman behave differently and why there are a lot of issues emerge because they don’t understand each other.

Communication studies is the foundation of my observation. We all communicate, we send message verbal and non verbal. In the era of Social-Media booming, we can be anything we want. Everyone can express, exhibit things that maybe people are afraid to do in a real life. We don’t need to ask people “How are you” or “How do you do”, but simply looking at what their post or status, we can get a slightly information and find the answer based on our assumption. But is it all 100% true ? Someone can do/show things that seem to be opposite than the reality. Something or situation that made up, or seemingly absurd and inconsistent.

I am not disturbed by this, but take it as a funny thing. We all did it, intentional or unintentionally. We want people or the audience perceive a value as we expected. Often a couple can’t resist a fight on public (social-media) but do they know that people are watching ? So like it or not, we do inevitably observe. We have that question in our mind. “Why this bullshit picture get so many likes ?”.

“Why this ugly girl doing so many selfies we don’t care to see ?”


1. Woman loves to look pretty as well as they love to see pretty things. That’s quite much explaining why women wear make up and men don’t. Why woman loves barbie doll or flower and men loves robot or dirty truck. Ok, let’s elaborate more. There is a particular satisfied feeling when woman see them self good in the mirror, and of course they want to show it. They love compliments as they worked a little harder on it just to look great even when they don’t feel good inside. No matter how hurt it is to wear a 10cm heels, if it makes us looks better, we will do it. We pay for the price, the uncomfortable feeling just to impress other people. So, along with the efforts of course they expect some rewards, some of them became insane and tend to crave for attention and compliment. More over, they will do anything to get Social acceptance, “to-be-called” beautiful, classy or elegance. Doing a lot of selfies and admire their own self in the camera, looking for the best angle to looked best and flooded the social media with their photos. It goes worse when woman gets such a flattery words that sounds like an approval for the silly things they do and you know what, the more ‘credits’ they get, they will do it even more intense. Chronic narcissist . Ironically, the harder women trying to show how beautiful and confident they are, the dumber they seem. We knew if they Obsessed with their own self and posses a narcissist behavior (disorder). Like they have nothing to show except the close-up pictures in fact nobody cares about your ootd or make up you wear for today. We know beauty need no exhibition. So not every glitter is gold.


2. Woman show strength by being a smart-ass. Frankly speaking, some women are not attractive physically, so they will show another strength, brain. Yes, no one can ever pursue perfections. Pretty women are often associated with low brain. And intelligent woman, usually looks less pretty by appearance. And then the “smart-woman” mock at the pretty girls being fake and stupid. Are you just envying the other girl who looks prettier than you ? Is it just a justification in order to get people attention ? At the end still, these type of woman looks dumb to compare herself with other woman.

3. Woman is more emotional beings than man, they tend to express their feelings to public and can’t hide it. Their act controlled by emotions rather than logic. In case of falling in love, they will speak about it over and over again. When she is broken heart, she will express it in any way possible. Some explicitly, others implicitly, yet we could recognize that something happened to her.

For example we often see woman putting their sentimentality on social media just to wreak anger, disappointment, or how overly happy she is. Some of them become euphoric to show off their feelings in order to get attention. Too many selfies on facebook, sad quotes, or any other self-fulfilling prophecy which ironically, indirectly shows how fragile they are.

The false evidence they tried to cover their true feelings makes them looks dumb ! Why pretending everything is good and ok, hello ? we know you are broken !

4. Woman is easier to persuade and tend to follow trend and copy their surroundings. There is nothing dumber than following trend brutally. Often we find woman become a Fashion Victim by following the latest trend or what their idol wearing. The thing is, not every fashionable item fits to everybody. Like a high waist trousers, baggy jeans, no matter how booming it is today, if you are short and fat, that would not look cool at all. This also happen with make up. Ok we see so many girls are very expert wearing it so they get prettier. But listen, make up should be applied accordingly. Eye liner, lipstick, eye shadow, if you don’t know how to use it better let your face naked or try the simple and safety one. Many woman doesn’t realize that wrong make-up is fatal. Try to perform better yet in fact, it will just ruin your character. It is better to show up natural (if you have no idea how to make-over yourself) rather than appear over-make up. The way woman try to impress people by their too much effort style will just turn out like dumb. Uncomfortable with their own self or feeling over confidence which is not something deserve a credit for.

5. Woman is Insecure. This is a bit complicated to explain but basically, no matter how strong women are, they still need an arm to protect them. Woman loves to feel safe and secure because she is actually vulnerable. In a positive word, feminine side is gentle, sensitive, soft-heart. In the negative sides, her vulnerability often awaken the feeling of jealousy and that’s why woman looks dumb. Woman has a natural ability in maternity. Women are strong for they can have patience to nurture family but on the other hand, women needs a support especially from man. When they don’t get it, the more fragile they are. It is such a big lies if woman can handle everything by herself without a manly figure.

Woman could do everything yes, but still moral support is what woman need the most. Sadly, in searching someone who could fulfill her inner needs of affection, women tend to look dumb because she will always like “walking in contradiction”, then men will say, “woman is difficult to understand”.

She doesn’t want to look weak, that’s it. But look, when a man offer an arms to hold, no woman would refuse.



1. Man is easily seduced by sex appeal. What consumed man’s brain the most ? sex, sex and sex. How loyal a man with their partner, i bet they will never refuse or stay calm if they see a sexy women. Do you ever think what guy’s talk about when they are together ? they talk about girls and porn stuff. This one is actually normal, but the thing that man can hardly resist some particular of temptation, potentially leads them to be such an as*hole. In muslim country like Indonesia, the religious man can have 4 wives. According to their belief, it is allowed and Halal as long as the man treat the wives fairly. Even this rule is not something mandatory, and if the man consider about woman’s feeling then why he does poligamy ? it is all driven by desire. As they believe, it is better to marry, than having sex without marriage which is a sin. But that’s the point about how to self-control right ? Good man, religious one, is not a guarantee, man wouldn’t be an as*hole


2. Man has a bigger ego than woman. Man’s Ego can be manifest in many things. Men actually doesn’t mind to pay woman’s bill because it is a Pride for him. They love to show women how powerful they are, and how they can handle things. Man are naturally born to be a leader because they are gifted with a bigger ego than woman. Man will feel bad if he can’t have a good job, if he can’t earn money to fulfill their family needs, so no matter how much their earnings, man always needs appreciation of their efforts. Many man can not meet their partner expectation then he feels useless, therefore he will effort more. That’s fine. Plus and minus. Some of men with super-ego aka alpha male would turn out to be a jerk if he feels their woman can not serve their ego. They like to be superior, to be a hero, and they will get intimidated when their woman can work better, or being independent. Most of men doesn’t like to be defeated, we can see when men play video games or sports. They strive to be a champion, and if he can not win, he will prove it another time. Similar with relationship. In case of arguing, no men wants to be beaten. They love women who would support their argument and opinion because he always put himself as a leader. But yeah, some men are really proving himself deserve a respect for keeping his words, yet in turn, women has to be ready to face The Mr. Always Right. Do not ever put him down especially in front of public, when you touch their Ego, they will become an as*hole.

3. Man like competition so he can prove his manly. Man always chase for a trophy. Can be a job position, a sport champion, or winning a hot girl. Man tends to have an intuition to compete more than woman. Just like what I describe in point number 2, Man always thirst of something to feed their ego.

In term of getting something, man are naturally a hunter. He like to chase after a difficult things that they called as challenge. If he really wants to get something, doesn’t matter what is the obstacles or who their rival, nothing can stand on his way.

This is a good thing. But in term of relationship, none of men could easily tolerate he is weaker than his woman. He wants to be the most stand out and feel shame if woman can do things better. Same happen if man competes to win a girl. They will do anything but after the game has finished, no more challenge, that’s the time when man put less effort to his woman, or even worse, seeking for another challenge. Better be careful for woman for this trait can lead into a cheater.

4. Man is territorial kind of person that make them turn out to be bossy. In this world with billions of population of men and women, the upper level of position still dominated by men. Men is the CEO, the Director, The manager, the boss.

Men likes power, and with power means he master his territory. Could be a job, a group of people or his team, or his woman.

For scope of work, women’s employee will not hesitate to ask for help. Not for man. Also in relationship issue. Woman tends to share story with her friends when she has problem, to seek advice or just someone who listens. Man think the other way. It is not necessary for them to tell other people his ‘domestic’ problems which is good in order to keep privacy between couple, but relate to his ego, man will try to solve without looking alternatively from another point of view, and this is sucks because issue will remain the same. Territorial also reflects not only in relationship. A man who adored by many woman or in other words got a lot of fans, likes to keep girls in his pocket. He likes to be admired, he will act very nice to every girl who adores him but doesn’t mean he wants more than that, such as being officially in relationship. If their fans runaway or other guy take her, He will get upset, because all he wants is just marking his territory. For woman who get a false signal think this man also attracted to her because the man always being a gentleman and maintain the relations. That’s the time when women see man being as*hole, because he actually doesn’t mean what he say.


5. Man use logic first, heart at second place. This one can pretty much sums up everything. Men tend to looks stronger than women, bu doesn’t mean they never sad, get hurt, upset, or broken heart. When facing a situation, men could be more steady and not easily drop their tears just like woman. It could be an issue when women see man through her emotional feelings while man just simply follow their logic. Problem needs to be solved, instead of mourn at it, men will try to find the best solution based on his reasoning facts whether it works or not. On the other hand, woman follow their hearts even though it seems impossible. That’s the strength of female trait. Man will say : “This doesn’t make sense, this is impossible, so I will swallow it and let the feeling kills me but this is the best solution, for the greater good.” He will cries under his cover and no one notice it. Then woman with her vulnerable feelings, will say : “This guy is an as*hole, he doesn’t care about my feeling.”

Monte Carlo, Monaco – French Riviera Real Paradise, The Land Of The Jet Sets. 

“The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them”

For the entire life I’ve been traveling around the world, I could never forget about the first impression when I visited Monaco. A very small countries that has a PERFECT surroundings I have never seen before. In the journey after our vacation in Milan, We (Me & My Boyfriend) stopped by at Monte Carlo. We had a road trip along the Mediteranian Sea from Italy to France crossing one Microstate, Principauté de Monaco which has the same flag with my country, Indonesia. Red & White. Honestly speaking, the situation between these two countries is totally upside down. 

As we were approaching Monaco, the view is getting so wonderful and amazing. From my car seat I could sense that we were moving towards a special place. My favorite calming-colour blue dominated our vision since the wide-open skies  and ocean were looked so clear  from our transparent windows. The skyline and the ocean merged into such a magnificent color under the sunlit. At the time we reached the best spot, we pulled over our car and went outside. There you go, a wondrous landscape outspread beneath us, descending from where we stood til’ the coast line, such a  beautiful panorama of the city. We took a moment for contemplating the super-rare spectacular view and breath the fresh air. Totally Savor The Joy. 


I had traveled to several countries from Western to Eastern Europe and I think Monaco is the most impressive one, considering the great scenery that close to Perfect. The nature still preserved well, the city is very modern. If I could describe in a simple word, I can say Monaco is “A World of Heaven”. This country combine everything yet they don’t spoil each other. The culture, nature, the glittering of modern life, sophisticated stuff at every corner your eyes could ever wander. It is very clean, and well-organized. Where can you find an orange trees with a bunch fresh fruits in the streets, and you can pick it up just with your hands, but you are not in the village.

Not only that. Monte Carlo offers the all facilities of glamorous lifestyle for high-socialite. The idea of shopping in this city is like something you seen on TV Series, Sex & The City. The top notch brand gallery stretch along the streets such a feast for the eyes. Prada, Rolex, Hermes, Chopard, Swarovski, Ferrari, the all luxuries items everybody dreaming about, have their best store in Monte Carlo with a different style. It is a place for multi-millionaire, world celebrities enjoy their private shopping with first class services. 

For entertainment and hospitality, Monte Carlo offers an exclusive experience that worth a lot of money to spend for. Casino Monte Carlo is one of the prestigious place that only billionaire could have an access to get there. Yes, no wonder what to do in Casino if you don’t have big pocket. This place is famous as the location of great movie James Bond. Right beside the casino, you can find a magnificent old building, which is Hotel de Paris. The Monaco’s 150 years old hotel that has a lot of historical events where Truman, Princess of Monaco ever stayed there.

The last, is about the panoramic view of Mediteranian Sea. If you are seeking for Azzurra, then this is the right place. You would never get an ugly picture there as the view is extremely gorgeous. I could say that Monte Carlo has the bluest sky I have ever seen. Yachts collections float in the blue ocean, birds, castles, Rolex tennis tournament, all I ever wanted for living.  What a privileges for Monégasque (Monaco People) I reckon who lives in the most dreamy place on earth.



I always have an imagination about a dream-living that I would love to have someday. A picture of ideal home, complete with exact surroundings that congenial to my spirit. Luckily last year, I discovered my reverie and that was such an unforgettable moment in my life.

The events begin when I traveled to West Europe with my friend. He brought me to visit his parent’s house at Uzes, South of France. I had no idea what kind of place we were heading to, since it was my premiere to be in France. We drove about 5 hours from Monte Carlo, Monaco then arrived at Uzes around midnight. At the beginning we entered the town I could immediately feel the ambiance of countryside. I assumed that there is only a small population in this district. We passed through some part of empty lands, vineyard, residential, with a view of line of big trees on the street side. The atmosphere was very dark. I mean no street lamp. Especially when we drive in the small alley towards the house, I can hardly see anything around us except the asphalt road in front of us, until we reached the gate of the house.

When we arrived we’ve got a warm welcome from the parents. I guess it was because my friend hadn’t been home for quite long as he worked in Saudi plus for his coming he brings one guest, me. After introducing each other, they hospitalize us with a light food then we were off to sleep. The house was fine at first impression, but I didn’t go around as it was already late and we need to rest after a long trip.

The next morning when I opened my eyes, I saw light has came through from outside, the door is already opened. But that wasn’t the door which I entered last night. The room apparently has two exit doors, and the one in front of me is an access to backyard. I saw a slight view of swimming pool from my bed. I was quite surprised as I woke up with different ambiance. Feels like been sleeping over at villa. The weather seems nice, so I get up, took shower and meet the families for late breakfast.

The Bernard’s family is a very nice people. The first French family life I’ve known in my entire life and they are quite impressive. Ok, I will describe one by one. I firstly fall in love with the house, I have to admit this as the parents didn’t speak a lot to me due to language-gap, so we are likely throwing smile each other, not necessarily to open conversation. Therefore, I got attached more with the house at the beginning.

This house has similar concepts with I always imagine about my dream home and living. The house has a big yard for you can do many things there. You can have a garden, plant a flower & olive trees, you can build a playground for your kids, swimming pool, barbeque spot, vast parking space, you can even have a basketball or badminton field.


The building of the house is excellent. Not so big, not also small, but Well-proportioned to accommodate all you need. The house has a C shaped, the bedrooms located in each wings to consider privacy between the member of the house. The middle part is designed for living room and main dining table, a space for family gathering, and house-warming. Such a wise spatial-planning by the owner, I reckon.


I like the idea of how they provide plenty wide windows in every room so you could have enough light from outside in purpose to lessen electricity consumption during the day. Considering that this house is surrounded by nature, the windows are also significant to present a nice view as if natural paintings.

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I think that’s so smart rather than putting a solid wall with a lot of phony decorations which is limited and will look boring someday.
I looked up at furniture and interior. They have typical French shabby chic chairs & sofas, a smart dining table with adjustable size, simple & modest bed, well-organized toilet, exemplary fireplace to be applied in a modern house because it doesn’t look dirty at all.


The kitchen is the best part of the house. It is a significant and important area for an expert cooker. That would be my favorite spot to sit down for chit-chat because you can easily grab some foods and drinks to accompany your day. Even though snacking isn’t quite tolerable for French culture or at least in this family rule, I was thinking for the sake of my own habit to be selfishly pleasing myself at home.


Well, The Lady of the house indeed, has a great skill in cooking authentic French and Armenian cuisine. She provides anything possible to support her cooking activity. I amaze how she manages to have a clean kitchen though she cooks often. This is very appealing with my philosophy. Cleanliness is number one.

Bernard’s Family has a good taste in combining high-technology for efficiency, yet still preserving the originality of French elements in their house. Some of small decorations and home-appliances they have are old yet well-maintained. That is very much appreciated since most of us love to purchase a new stuff and tend to throw the old ones. This case never happened to this family. At one lunch moment, I remember, I was admiring the lunch-set they served on the table. There was half dozen pieces of chic & lovely plates with different drawings on the surface. 6 type of cheese. That was stunning. Of course then, we had light discussion about cheese regarding to the plate each of us get while waiting for the food. So my friend told a story that they already have these plates since long time ago as a legacy from his grandparents. I impressed, I looked carefully to the plates and wow, they are still perfectly shaped. No stain, no defect, just like a brand new porcelain set. From this story, I assumed that this family really taking care of their stuff so they can buy less but keep only the good quality collection. And that’s true every single part in their house is nearly perfect. Fine products, typical French chic. This is a valuable worth lesson that I learned from this family that I will apply to my basic life after I go back to my country. Not to waste your assets, buy less but careful with quality.



One day, the host invited me to see around their house. Something that I highly appreciated since Monique doesn’t speak English and Philippe is the least talkative kind of person. So in the morning, they asked me to bring my camera then take me to the other side of their house. They took me to one tiny connecting room, before garage. Philippe has a remote control on his grip and told me, “Don’t stay there”. So I moved, then he presses the button. Suddenly Voila ! The floors going up and reveal a secret space underground. My friend invited me to walked down the circle stairs and show me what inside. A wine storage ! and of course with a lot of wine and champagne that set orderly and well-classified in the rounded cellar. Wow ! I’ve never seen this kind of incredible room ever in my life ! This house is amazing. So Philippe, the Man of the house is a wine connoisseur. He collects a lot of wine and keeps some old and limited edition in his secret room. They told me that wines are supposed to be places in a certain room condition & temperature to maintain its quality. Yea, I have no doubt on that. As I said before, this family has a good standard of what they consume and possess. Philippe took 1 bottle then we are ready for lunch, 4 of us at dining table.


As usual, a proper meal time in this family will take a long session. Just like a normal French dining, they will serve 3 set from appetizer, main course and desert. This, I have to adapt as I am not used to eat much. Even after you are so full to eat dessert, they will offer you coffee or wine and I just like, Oh my god, my stomach need some rest.
For appetizer, they give us French bread, cheese and bacon, or salad. One of my favorite is Camembert cheese with that unique mushroom in the middle of it. My friend told me that this kind of cheese is one of the good quality selected products and the price is expensive because the mushroom is quite rare. He also explains me how farmers discover the mushroom below the soil using pig. Interesting story. For main course they served me a typical Armenian food, something like minced beef rolled with steamed cabbage.


Oh they also give me a super delicious mashed potato. For the desert, they serve a Turkish or Armenian pastry, beurek. Something like that. Finally the last session, Philippe open his treasure. Tadaaa ! Red Wine from year 1986. A Very Exclusive thing they can offer to me as a guest. We cing-cing the glass and then start sip the wine little by little to absorb and taste everything in my mouth before it goes to my throat. Magnificent ! At the end of lunch, Monique hand me a souvenir that written on top of it, PARIS. Yup, they are so generous and simply sweet.


This kind of house will be at best in summer when you can do a lot of activity outdoor. I wonder that the swimming pool they have in the backyard is quite useless since France has almost cold weather during the year. I think there is only 3 months full summer that you can possibly jump to the pool. One thing that they don’t have in the house is library. That is very important for me. It would be nice if they have a spatial reading-room full of books then on sunny days you can just relax on the backyard, lay down in hammock under the sun and reading your favorite book the whole days. Maybe adding a balcony at the second floor is quite cool too just in case you need a landscape view to refresh mind.


I love the quiet neighborhood around and I notice that most of the houses have a similar style. Vast yard, garden, and most importantly, the country style home architecture of wealthy retirement people who love to spend time at home and have a peaceful life. Isolated and private. Very positive vibration for a writer who needs a clear mind.


I was so lucky to visit France and see the desirable French life so I can always have a good impression about this country. The people I’ve met also very warm & welcome. They treated me very well and always explain things so i get new knowledge every day. They also invited me to play a traditional marble game in the yard that according to my friend, this is a game for old folks. I played very well at the first attempt. Beginner luck as usual. Another day, Monique also taught me how to apply bed sheet a la France with 3 layers that is uncommon for me as in Indonesia we have hot days all the time. Blanket and covers are usually useless. Even though she spoke in French and i didn’t understand but i pay attention and said to her “Voila ! C’est bon !” And she was happy because I spoke a little bit French. Not only that, the other member of the family, my friend’s sister and her husband also taught me how to play card that quite different from the basic remi card I’ve been always playing. I think these all are priceless. The dreamy house isn’t merely a structure, more than that the people inside combine with tranquil surrounding make it what so called “Home”.

That’s exactly how I fell in love deeper with France, and the original kind and loving beings.

Overall, I have witnessed the house of my dream. A place that I would spend most of my time. Just taking cares of the house, gardening, barbeque-ing and enjoy life. A very calm and quiet place for bookworm like me. Perhaps one day, I could make it come true. Merci Beaucoup for Bernard Family for the great hospitality and inspirations.

What kind of house you always dreamt of ? Do you have same thought like me ? Feel free to share !

Pesan Moral Dalam Novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” – Harper Lee


Buku yang mengangkat potret Diskriminasi orang kulit hitam (negro) oleh orang kulit putih yang terjadi di negara Amerika ini WAJIB untuk dibaca. Sebuah Novel yang membuka mata dan hati kita akan nilai kemanusiaan serta kesetaraan antar umat manusia. Novel ini mengangkat sosok idola seorang Ayah yang membesarkan dua anak tanpa seorang istri atau sosok Ibu. Seorang pengacara yang berdedikasi pada pekerjaan-nya dan teguh memegang prinsip keadilan dalam membela hak kaum tertindas. Atticus, karakter teladan dalam sebuah cerita yang diangkat dari kisah nyata di Maycomb County, Alabama memberikan kita banyak sekali pelajaran hidup tentang pentingnya Pendidikan Moral. Sebuah cerita berlatar belakang kehidupan Amerika di era 30an ini memberi pesan kepada kita bahwa berbuat jahat pada makhluk sekecil apapun yang tidak bersalah adalah sebuah dosa besar.

1. “You never really understand people until you consider things from his point of view”

Keluarga Finch hidup bertetangga dengan keluarga Radley yang misterius. Salah satu anggota keluarga mereka tidak pernah keluar rumah hingga membuat tanda tanya besar bagi para penduduk Maycomb County. Rumah Radley tampak tidak terawat dan seperti tak berpenghuni. Scout dan kakaknya Jem sering berbuat jahil untuk memuaskan rasa penasaran mereka yang ingin berkenalan dengan penghuni di dalamnya. Mereka membuat asumsi sendiri atas keanehan tetangganya sampai pada suatu hari ayahnya, Atticus menegur mereka. “Jangan pernah mengganggu Boo Radley lagi. Kalau ia mau keluar rumah, ia akan keluar. Kalaupun kamu ingin bertamu, bukanlah lebih sopan kalau datang dari pintu depan ?” Hal ini memberikan contoh kepada pembaca, bahwa kita tidak seharusnya berprasangka buruk pada sesuatu yang tidak kita mengerti dan mengajarkan kepada anak untuk berlaku sopan dan menghormati privasi orang lain.

2. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

Tom Robinson adalah seorang pria berkulit hitam yang dihukum oleh pengadilan Maycomb County atas tuduhan memperkosa seorang wanita berkulit putih, Mayela Ewell. Tom terbukti tidak bersalah namun tetap dihukum hanya karena Ia seorang negro. Dalam masa tahanannya di penjara, Tom merasa depresi dan ingin menentukan nasib dirinya sendiri dengan kabur dari penjara. Sayangnya, tindakannya tertangkap basah. Tom mati ditembak peluru petugas penjara pada saat ia bersusah payah memanjat pagar penjara dengan satu tangannya yang buntung. Atas kejadian ini, Atticus memberitahu Scout dan Jem sebuah pelajaran berharga.

“As you grow older, you’ll see white men cheat black men every day of your life, but let me tell you something and don’t you forget it—whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash”.

3. “Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)… There are just some kind of men who – who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”

Quote ini sangat relevan di kondisi kita saat ini. Ketika banyak para fanatik agama yang tidak bisa menerima perbedaan dalam hal kecil, sibuk mengoreksi dan senang menghakimi orang lain. Padahal setiap agama mengajarkan Kebaikan dan Cinta Kasih.
Selalu ada stigma bahwa orang-orang religius pasti lebih baik daripada orang yang suka mengkonsumsi alkohol padahal kenyataannya, terkadang, kitab suci di tangan seseorang bisa lebih berbahaya daripada botol wiski di tangan orang yang lain. Banyak kekejaman yang dilakukan manusia mengatasnamakan agama. Dalam novel ini diceritakan salah satu tokoh bernama Mr Dolmus Raymond yang suka menenteng botol wiski di tangannya padahal di dalamnya berisi Coca Cola. Sudah pasti, ia dicap negatif bahkan dianggap penjahat oleh semua orang. Pemabuk dan tidak berguna. Padahal penindasan di Maycomb County justru dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang rajin ke gereja dan selalu mencap dirinya benar.

4. “It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.”

Salah satu tetangga keluarga Finch yang bernama Mrs Dubose, sering meneriaki kata-kata kasar kepada Jem & Scout. Ada rumor yang mengatakan bahwa Mrs Dubose selalu menyimpan senjata di balik syal tebalnya. Bagaimanapun Mrs Dubose berlaku jahat kepada Jem & Scout, Atticus selalu berkata untuk tidak menghiraukannya karena perempuan itu sudah tua dan sakit-sakitan. Alih-alih membalas perkataan kasar Mrs Dubose, Atticus yang setiap hari lewat depan rumahnya selalu berhenti, mengangkat topi ketika menyapa Mrs Dubose dan mendoakan hari yang baik untuknya.
Kenyataannya, Atticus sejak kecil memiliki bakat menembak. Ia juga memiliki senjata dan mampu menggunakannya. Namun ia membenci kekerasan. Ia tidak suka perang.
Meskipun ia bisa berkelahi dengan menggunakan senjata, Atticus memilih cara lain dengan berjuang menggunakan hati nurani, dan sejatinya, itulah yang dinamakan Keberanian.

5. “They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again and when they do it — seems that only the children weep.”

Scout yang masih berumur 8 tahun kala itu bertanya kepada Atticus, mengapa pengadilan menjatuhkan hukuman kepada Tom padahal ia tidak bersalah. Atticus yang menyadari akan adanya diskriminasi ras menjawab dengan sederhana : “Hal ini sudah pernah terjadi dan selalu berulang dan akan terus berulang dan hanya akan ada anak kecil yg menangis”. Pesan moral dari ucapan Atticus ini adalah tentang sebuah Kepolosan. Anak-anak tidak mengerti bahwa dunia dimanipulasi oleh orang dewasa padahal sesungguhnya kita semua dilahirkan dengan hati nurani. Itu sebabnya, bahkan seorang anak kecil peka terhadap hal yang tidak benar, namun karena ada penanaman nilai tertentu secara turun-temurun dan membudaya, akhirnya apa yang salah menjadi benar dan itu tertanam sampai mereka beranjak dewasa. Kejadian serupa akan terus berulang.


6. “There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them.”

Dalam proses pengadilan, setiap tersangka harus didampingi pembela. Namun untuk kasus tertentu seperti tuduhan kepada orang Nigger, hanya Atticus lah pengacara yang bersedia untuk ditunjuk Pemerintah Alabama. Pekerjaan tersebut tidak menyenangkan mengingat pada jaman itu Diskriminasi terhadap orang kulit hitam begitu tajam. Atticus dan keluarganya dicemooh dan diolok oleh orang kulit putih. Pekerjaan adalah tanggung jawab. Yang lebih utama menurut Atticus, ia harus menegakkan keadilan meskipun ia harus berdiri sendirian dan melakukan pekerjaan yang dianggap paling hina oleh orang kulit putih. Sebuah karakter heroik yang mungkin pernah kita lihat di kehidupan kita sehari-hari, melakukan pekerjaan yang dibenci semua orang.

7. It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike — in the second place, folks don’t like to have someone around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates them. Your not gonna change any of them by talkin’ right, they’ve got to want to learn themselves, and when they don’t want to learn there’s nothing you can do but keep your mouth shut or talk their language.”

Calpurnia mengajarkan Scout dan Jem bagaimana harus berperilaku seperti kaum terhormat. Calpurnia seorang wanita berkulit hitam yang terbiasa dengan gaya berbahasa orang kulit putih namun tetap menggunakan aksen nigger ketika berbicara dengan orang kulit hitam. Kita tidak bisa mengubah cara berpikir orang dengan kesombongan. Tidak akan ada yang suka dengan kita apabila kita terlalu berlebihan menonjolkan diri karena hal itu hanya akan membuat mereka merasa direndahkan. Lebih baik diam atau berbicara dengan bahasa mereka.

8. “We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe- some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they’re born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies make better cakes than others- some people are born gifted beyond the normal scope of men.
But there is one way in this country in which all men are created equal- there is one human institution that makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, the stupid man the equal of an Einstein, and the ignorant man the equal of any college president. That institution, gentlemen, is a court.”

Kita semua memang tidak dilahirkan sama. Namun di pengadilan, semua warga negara adalah setara. Meskipun pada kenyataannya Tom Robinson kalah, tapi Atticus tetap mengingatkan orang-orang dan berbicara di depan khalayak apa yang benar di mata hukum. Menuntut keadilan dan kesamaan adalah hal yang klise karena pada dasarnya kita semua diciptakan berbeda. Ada yang terlahir dengan bakat yang lebih daripada yang lain. Untuk itulah dibuat hukum yang mengatur agar semua orang bisa mendapat hak dan perlakuan yang sama.


9. “Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It’s knowing you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”

KEBERANIAN adalah saat kau tahu akan kalah sebelum memulai, tetapi kau tetap memulai dan merampungkannya, apa pun yang terjadi. Bahwa sesulit apapun yang akan dihadapi, kewajiban tetap kewajiban. Atticus tahu bahwa kemungkinan besar ia akan kalah di pengadilan karena kenyataan bahwa Kaum kulit hitam sebagai minoritas tidak diperlakukan setara di Maycomb County. Tapi sebagai seorang pengacara yang telah ditunjuk untuk mendampingi Tom Robinson dalam kasus tuduhan perkosaan, sudah merupakan tugasnya membela hak manusia yang tidak bersalah meskipun pada perjalanannya, Atticus dan keluarganya mendapat cemoohan bahkan dianggap pengkhianat.

10. “You might hear some ugly talk about it at school, but do one thing for me if you will : You just hold your head high and keep those fists down. No matter what anybody says to you, don’t you let ’em get your goat.”

Atticus mengajarkan kepada anak-anaknya yang masih polos untuk tidak membalas semua olok-olok yang ditujukan kepada keluarga mereka meskipun Scout yang berumur 8 tahun sering habis kesabaran dan ingin melawan. Atticus menanamkan nilai kepada anak-anak apapun yang dikatakan orang, jangan sampai itu membuat kita menjadi lemah dan berbuat hal buruk kepada orang lain.

Travel Guide Italia – Menelusuri Jejak Inferno, Dan Brown


Hey buat kamu para penggila berat novel. Sudah baca Inferno-nya Dan Brown ? Kalau ya, pasti kamu merasakan efek magis yang sama ketika membayangkan betapa antik dan indahnya kota Florence (Firenze) di Italia. Novel ini memang terbilang istimewa, karena selain mengajak pembaca untuk mengikuti petualangan penuh misteri sang Profesor Simbologi, Robert Langdon, buku ini juga memberikan banyak pengetahuan akan sejarah tersembunyi di Eropa yang akan memperkaya wawasan pembacanya.

Membaca sebuah novel sejarah karya Dan Brown, tidak akan lepas dari karya seniman-seniman besar. INFERNO. Adalah salah satu Bab dalam sebuah buku kumpulan syair Dante Alighieri yang berjudul Divine Commedy. Sebuah cerita yang mengurai tentang perjalanan alam mimpi sang Penyair menuju Neraka Bawah Tanah. Konon katanya, syair-syair ini tercipta dari rasa sakit hatinya kepada Beatrice, satu-satunya perempuan yang dicintainya namun memilih untuk menikahi laki-laki lain. Rasa cinta Dante yang begitu berkobar namun tak berbalas, bagaikan sebuah neraka kehidupan yang akhirnya berujung ke kematian. Selain karena patah hati terhadap Beatrice, Dante juga menuangkan seluruh perasaannya yang mendalam akan kecintaan-nya pada Kota kelahirannya, Florence. Dante pada masa itu dianggap sebagai kritikus dan penentang yang berbahaya oleh pihak gereja Katolik, karenanya ia diusir keluar dari Florence dan menderita kesedihan yang sangat hebat. Hingga akhirnya dalam masa pengucilannya, Dante membuahkan karya-karya puisi yang terus bergaung hingga saat ini.

Robert Langdon, tokoh utama dalam buku “Inferno” menjelajah Florence dan Venice untuk memecahkan teka-teki keberadaan virus vektor (virus wabah) yang diciptakan oleh seorang Ilmuwan Transhumanis, Bertrand Zorbrist yang juga sangat mengagumi karya Dante. Virus ini dibuat sebagai ambisinya untuk menyelamatkan ras manusia dari kepunahan akibat populasi yang melonjak drastis, yang berarti pengurangan jumlah manusia dengan cara pemusnahan massal. Dalam misinya untuk menggagalkan rencana buruk ilmuwan Zorbrist, Langdon harus mengunjungi beberapa tempat bersejarah seperti Museum, basilique, cathedral, yang juga menjadi jejak perjalanan Kehidupan Dante di abad ke-16. Kisah yang disajikan secara epic dan mendetil oleh Dan Brown juga bisa menginspirasi pembaca untuk berziarah ke Italia, negara yang melahirkan seniman pada masa Renaissans yang terkenal. Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Raphael, Bellini, adalah para pelukis yang terinspirasi oleh sajak Dante, dimana karya-karyanya yang megah masih bisa kita lihat di bangunan-bangunan bersejarah di Eropa hingga saat ini.

Informasi yang melimpah dalam novel ini bisa menjadi acuan untuk menjelajah Kota Florence dan Venice. Jadi kalau kamu berkesempatan pergi ke Italia, nggak clueless-clueless amat melihat bangunan-bangunan disana yang sesungguhnya sarat akan sejarah tersembunyi pada jaman kegelapan Eropa. Atau sebagai turis, kamu bingung mau memulai dari mana, daripada tersesat dan nggak puguh di negeri orang, nih kita kasih contekannya.

1. Porta Romana, Florence

Porta Romana

Florence pernah menjadi kota yang dikelilingi tembok. Gerbang batu Porta Romana dibangun pada tahun 1326. Walaupun sebagian besar tembok perbatasan kota telah dihancurkan berabad-abad lalu, Porta Romana masih tegak berdiri hingga saat ini yang menjadi gerbang menuju kota tua. Di depan gerbang ini terdapat patung besar karya Pistoletto. Menurut cerita, gerbang tersebut pernah menjadi lokasi Fiera Dei Contratti – Bazar Kontrak – tempat ayah menjual anak mereka ke perkawinan kontrak.

2. Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


Awalnya dibangun sebagai pusat kekuasaan Pemerintah Italia yang di masa kini menjadi simbol tertua Florence. Di dalam bangunan ini terdapat patung-patung maskulin, yang menampilkan tubuh lelaki telanjang, seperti patung Neptune karya Ammannati. Di dalam Palazzo terdapat Hall of the Five Hundred (Il Salone Dei cinquecento) yang terkenal sebagai ruangan terbesar pada masanya. Ruangan ini dipenuhi beberapa lukisan terbaik Florence juga mural-mural yang memiliki sejarah panjang. Di ruangan ini Robert Langdon mencari maha karya Vasari “Battle of Marciano” untuk menemukan pesan misterius dalam tulisan kecil “CERCA TROVA”. Yang artinya secara harfiah “Cari & Temukan”.

3. Instituto Statale d’Arte, Florence


Institut Seni ini dibangun oleh Keluarga Medici, penguasa sekaligus pelindung paling murah hati dalam dunia seni. Daftar orang yang menerima perlindungan serta komisi berlimpah pada masa itu diantaranya Da Vinci, Galileo dan Botticelli. Lukisan Boticelli yang paling terkenal, Birth of Venus adalah pesanan Lorenzo de’Medici, yang meminta lukisan sensual untuk digantungkan di atas ranjang sepupunya sebagai hadiah pernikahan. Seorang pematung muda asal Florence yang sangat berbakat juga diboyong pindah ke istana Medici hingga akhirnya mengukir dua patung yang paling terkenal sepanjang sejarah – Pieta dan David. Kini kita mengenal pematung itu sebagai Michaelangelo.

4. Boboli Gardens – Palazzo Pitti, Florence


Obyek wisata populer berupa hamparan hutan, labirin, gua dan monumen yang menuju ke Palazzo Pitti. Taman ini diatur oleh talenta luar biasa Niccolo Tribolo, Giorgio Vasari dan Bernardo Buontalenti yang mempunyai bakat estetika hingga akhirnya menciptakan mahakarya lansekap di kanvas seluas 45 hektar.

5. L’andito – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


Adalah sebuah ruang sempit di dalam musium Palazzo Vecchio tempat dipamerkannya patung kematian Dante. Topeng ini dibuat tidak lama setelah Dante meninggal, yakni dengan cara melumuri wajah mendiang dengan plester. Setelah mengeras, plester diangkat. Jadilah sebuah replika mendetail dari wajah sang mendiang. Praktik ini dilakukan untuk mengenang orang-orang terkenal dan jenius. Dante, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Picasso, semuanya punya topeng kematian. Selain itu, di dalam musium ini juga terdapat kotak etalase yang memajang salah satu edisi “The Divine Comedy” karya Dante yang dicetak paling awal, sekitar tahun 1400an oleh Johann Numeister. Sebuah buku tua bersampul kulit yang sangat langka.

6. Laurentian Library, Florence

Laurentian Library

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Perpustakaan tua ini mempunyai satu tangga spektakuler yang dirancang oleh Michaelangelo. Tangga yang menuntun ke ruang baca umum pertama di dunia. Buku-buku disana dirantai pada kursi-kursi agar tidak bisa dibawa keluar oleh siapapun. Tentu saja, karena kebanyakan bukunya merupakan edisi satu-satunya di dunia.

7. Hall of Geographical Maps – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


Adalah sebuah ruangan megah di dalam Palazzo Vecchio yang berisi koleksi dramatis 53 peta yang dilukis tangan di atas kulit sebagaimana dunia digambarkan pada tahun 1550. Terdapat satu bola dunia besar Mappa Mundi setinggi 180cm. Bola dunia berputar (globe) terbesar di zamannya. Di balik salah satu lukisan, yakni peta Armenia terdapat lorong rahasia. Sebuah dunia tersembunyi yang dulunya hanya bisa diakses oleh Duke yang berkuasa dan orang-orang terdekatnya pada saat itu.

8. Museo Casa Di Dante, Florence

Museo Casa di Dante

Museum Dante (Rumah Dante ) ini terletak di Via Santa Margerita. Di dalamnya terdapat replika karya-karya masyur terkait Dante dari seluruh dunia. Museum yang kerap kali disebut sebagai Dante’s House ini bukanlah rumah yang pernah ditinggali Dante. Bangunan tua dari abad ke -14 ini dijadikan museum untuk mengumpulkan memorabilia sang Penyair, yang menurut cerita rumah ini milik saudaranya, sedangkan Dante tinggal beberapa blok dari situ.

9. La Chiesa di Santa Margherita Dei Cerchi, Florence

Gereja dante

Dikenal sebagai Gereja Dante. Sebuah rumah ibadah kecil yang merupakan destinasi populer penggemar setia Dante yang menghormatinya sebagai tanah suci tempat terjadinya dua momen penting dalam kehidupan sang penyair Agung. Menurut cerita, di gereja inilah, pada usia sembilan tahun Dante pertama kali melihat Beatrice Portinari, wanita yang dicintainya seumur hidup. Namun Dante patah hati ketika Beatrice menikahi lelaki lain dan gadis itu mati muda pada usia 24 tahun. Di gereja ini pula Dante menikahi Gemma Donati, yang merupakan pilihan buruk karena Dante tidak mencintainya. Salah satu kumpulan puisi Dante yang terkenal, La vita Nuova, melimpah dengan syair puja-puja bagi Beatrice. Kini gereja Dante menjadi kuil bagi mereka yang patah hati, yang menderita akibat cinta tak berbalas. Makam Beatrice sendiri ada di dalam gereja ini, dan menjadi tujuan ziarah para penggemar Dante.

10. Katedral Santa Maria Del Fiore (Il Duomo), Florence

Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore

Katedral ini terdapat di Piazza Del Duomo, yakni Lapangan luas dengan kompleks bangunan yang merupakan pusat spiritual kuno Florence. Katedral ini sarat akan drama dan intrik yakni persaingan keras untuk memilih arsitek yang akan menyelesaikan kubahnya. Filippo Brunelleschi akhirnya memenangi kontrak pembangunan kubah yang terbesar pada masanya. Hingga kini, patung Brunelleschi dapat dilihat duduk diluar Palazzo Dei Canonici, menatap puas pada adikaryanya.

11. The Baptistry of San Giovani, Florence

The Baptistry of San Giovani

Rumah pembaptisan Dante dan sejumlah tokoh terkenal. Bangunan ini berbentuk oktagonal yang terkait dengan simbolisme dalam Kristianitas, angka 8 yang merepresentasikan kelahiran dan penciptaan kembali. Rumah pembaptisan ini adalah salah satu bangunan paling menarik di Florence dengan karya mozaik yang spektakuler sehingga zaman dulu mengklaim bahwa rumah pembaptisan tersebut menyerupai surga sesungguhnya. Langdon dalam buku ini berkata “Jika kau tahu kemana harus melihat, Florence adalah Surga”.

12. Ghiberti Gates of Paradise, Florence

Ghiberti Gates of Paradise

Adalah pintu utama rumah pembaptisan yang berlapis perunggu karya Lorenzo Ghiberti yang menurut cerita dirampungkan dalam waktu 20 tahun. Seperti sebuah Alkitab dalam perunggu, setiap panel dalam pintu tersebut menggambarkan adegan penting dari kitab perjanjian lama. Mulai dari Taman Firdaus hingga Musa dan kuil Raja Salomo. Selama berabad-abad semua orang memperdebatkan pilihan mereka mana panel yang terbaik. Akhirnya berdasarkan konsensus umum, pemenangnya adalah kisah Yakub dan Esau – panel tengah di kolom sebelah kiri. Namun ada sebuah cerita rahasia, bahwa, setelah terpaan banjir, vandalisme, dan polusi udara selama setengah milenium, diam-diam kedua pintu bersepuh emas itu ditukar dengan replika yang persis sama, dan pintu yang asli di simpan di Museo dell’Opera Del Duomo untuk direstorasi. Jadi sebetulnya, apa yang sedang dikagumi oleh para wisatawan adalah barang palsu.

13. Katedral Santo Markus (St. Mark’s Basilica), Venesia

Cathedral St Mark's Venice

Merupakan salah satu spesimen terbaik Arsitektur Bizantium di Eropa. Dalam bahasa Arsitektur, Basilica bermakna gereja bergaya Bizantium timur. Sebagai replika Basilika Justinian of the Holy Apostles di Konstantinopel, Basilika Santo Markus sangat bergaya ketimuran karena mirip dengan bangunan masjid-masjid di Turki. Di dalamnya terdapat tempat persembunyian harta karun, koleksi mahal yang terdiri dari 283 ikon, perhiasan, dan cawan hasil jarahan di Konstantinopel.
Di atas puncak gereja, terdapat patung Santo Markus, dan Singa Bersayap sebagai maskot kota Venesia. Di bawah singa emas, gereja Santo Markus memamerkan salah satu harta paling tersohornya yaitu The Horses of St.Mark’s – Kuda-kuda Santo Markus – yang berhasil dijarah dari Konstantinopel selama perang salib. Pada tahun 1797, ketika Napoleon menaklukkan Venesia, patung tersebut dibawa ke Paris dan dipajang diatas Arc de Triomphe. Akhirnya, pada 1815, menyusul kekalahan Napoleon di Waterloo, kuda-kuda tersebut diturunkan dan dikirim kembali ke Venesia dan kini dipajang di Basilika Santo Markus. Layaklah apabila dikatakan bahwa patung kuda-kuda Santo Markus menjadi “Karya seni yang paling sering dicuri dalam sejarah”.

14. San Geremia Church, Venesia

San Geremia Church Venice

Tempat Santa Lucia, santa pelindung orang buta dimakamkan. Konon katanya Lucia begitu cantik sehingga semua lelaki bernafsu terhadapnya. Jadi, agar Lucia tetap murni bagi Tuhan dan untuk menjaga keperawanannya, ia mencongkel kedua matanya sendiri. Dan sebagai ganjarannya, Tuhan memberikan Lucia sepasang mata yang lebih indah. Terdapat sekitar dua puluh lukisan Old Master (pada tahun 1800an) yang memggambarkan Santa Lucia membawa bola matanya diatas nampan. Yang mengerikan, kitab suci-lah yang menginspirasi Lucia untuk memutilasi dirinya sendiri, dan menghubungkan namanya dengan nasihat terkenal Kristus : “Dan jika matamu menyesatkan engkau, cungkil lah dan buanglah itu.”

15. Il ponte Dei Sospiri, Venesia

Il ponte dei Sospiri

Bisa disebut juga sebagai Jembatan Desah – The Bridge of Sighs. Jembatan terkenal di Venesia yang konon menurut legenda, jika sepasang kekasih muda berciuman di bawah jembatan ini pada saat matahari terbenam, ketika lonceng-lonceng basilika Santo Markus berdentang, mereka akan saling mencintai untuk selamanya. Namun menurut cerita lainnya, sebenarnya Jembatan Desah mendapat namanya bukan dari desah gairah, melainkan desah penderitaan. Ternyata jembatan tertutup itu adalah penghubung antara Istana Doge dan penjara, tempat para tahanan menderita dan mati, erangan penderitaan mereka menggema keluar dari jendela-jendela berkisi di sepanjang kanal sempit.

Alright, Happy Traveling and Enjoy Italy. Buona Fortuna !

Sigh !

Don’t you feel when you get older you get more easily-irritated with people ?

The more people you meet the more you want to be alone
The more knowledge you gained, the more shallow people around you
The more attention they get, the more they become vulgar
The more ambitious people to be successful, the more you see how tricky their act
The more flattery words they get, the more false-confident they show
The more you get involve in romance, the more deceptive people you meet
The deeper your feeling towards someone, the more they enjoy to hurt you
The more you devote to family, the more they’ll beheading you
The more you strive to be a better person, the more you lose your friends
And most of all. The more you get new friends, the more you miss your old fellas…

– K –

You Modern ? Me traditional and I’m Gracefully Proud of it.

Traditional people treat human as human. Modern people treat human as machine.

Traditional people hire people to work as a team. Modern people create a technology to do the whole work.

Traditional people eat to think.
Modern people, think to eat.

Traditional people cry when they see people die. Modern people cry when their machine die.

Traditional people live side by side with human with love. Modern people live alone and doesn’t even know what Love is.

Traditional people think & act humanly. Modern people set a program in their brain and they become a robot society.

– K –

Random Questions

What are you looking for out of life ?
Money ?
Friends ?
Entertainment ?
Marriage ?
Sex ?
Love ?
Fame ?
Recognition ?
What kind of Gratification ?
Is there anyone think that the more you search something, the more you get lost and you will lose a little more ?

Do you ever think lucidly and realize,
The bigger the crowd, the lonelier you are
The more you moving the more you stagnant
The more you see people the greedier you are

Some people unconsciously seeks for Perfection like “What Is The Next Best Thing” and they eventually end up with nothing.

What do you do out there all the time and why you build a house if you never spend time in it ?
What is the money for if you work hard and spend it to impress people whom never care if you were broke one day ?
What is the point of bragging on what you have done in order to get a credit title as a Hero Of The Day ?
What kind of pleasure you get by let people down with your harsh words, is that benefits you ?
What are you trying to prove to everybody by your efforts if at the end you complain because you receive no appreciation ?
What do you get from cheating if the result is you deceive yourself with the corrupted score and keep in a false evidence as you never learn from failures ?
Where is the logic of someone giving such an advice with a wise quote over and over with the fact they even never sober ?
How come religious people tend to make an enemies, what does your religion teach you ?
Does people ever mind to criticize themself before giving correction to others ?
Most of all, what is the definition of “Kindness” if you have to reassure everybody how good you are and ask for a reward after ?